For all XenApp customers who used Trade-up program to get access to complete desktop virtualization with XenDesktop 4, congratulations! For others who could not, I have some great news.

New Trade-up Promotion to XenDesktop

Today, Citrix announced a new Trade-up to XenDesktop promotion, making it easy and cost-effective for our XenApp customers to join the thousands of other users that are making virtual desktops a reality with XenDesktop.

The Trade-up promotion that ended on June 30th, 2010 was a tremendous success. Many customers took advantage of the opportunity to add desktop virtualization to their proven XenApp implementations for a fraction of the cost. Now, XenApp customers have more time to save big on the industry standard in desktop virtualization, XenDesktop.

Important Announcement Highlights
  • Save up to 75% off XenDesktop – With the new trade-up promotion, customers still save up to 75% on the retail price of XenDesktop.
  • Attractive options for all XenApp customers – The new Trade-up promotion provides a cost-effective path to desktop virtualization for any XenApp customer, including customers with XenApp Fundamentals, XenApp Advanced Edition, XenApp Enterprise Edition and XenApp Platinum Edition licenses with active or expired Subscription Advantage. All customers can trade-up to XenDesktop Enterprise Edition or XenDesktop Platinum Edition. Additionally, customers with active Subscription Advantage have the unique opportunity to trade-up all of their XenApp licenses and get two XenDesktop licenses for every one XenApp license they already own.
  • The industry-leading desktop virtualization solution – XenApp customers that trade-up to XenDesktop keep all of the application delivery functionality their business relies on and add the most comprehensive virtual desktop technologies, including VDI, with our industry leading Flexcast Delivery technology.
  • Limited time offer – The new Trade-up promotion will only run until December 31st, 2010.
What’s changed?

The changes in the new Trade-up promotion versus the promotion that ended on June 30th, 2010 include different pricing, and a new 1-for-1 Trade-up path for XenApp Fundamentals customers. Even though the pricing on the new promotion is higher; however, it is still the most compelling offer for all XenApp customers to move up to complete desktop virtualization that they can adopt at their own pace.

The new Trade-up promotion is officially available today.

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