Progress on the Citrix Receiver for iPhone 4.0 is very going well. The Receiver will continue to work on older iPhone 3 and 3G iPhones, however the new iPhone 4 features may have you waiting on store lines or going online now to get on the Apple waiting list. As seen in the video, we have been able to exploit the best new capabilities of the iPhone 4, Multi-tasking and Video-out. Multi-tasking really works allowing you to start a Citrix session, double click, start another native app like youtube or even some 3rd party apps, then double click and go back to your Citrix session and its still alive and running, no re-launch required. You can even take or make a phone call and display & work on the XenDesktop session while talking on the speakerphone.


As seen a standard Bluetooth keyboard also works and the iPhone allows you to navigate and click to launch apps etc. This release will have some limitations in keyboard operation and there is no mouse support. So the full Nirvana Phone experience replacing a thin client or Netbook is not quite there yet, but its close enough to see it. The use case for using the iPhone to make powerpoint presentations via conference room projectors absolutely will work well with this 4.0 release, expect Apple to sell a lot more $29 VGA adapters  .     

Aside from the iPhone 4, other mobile vendors also have a Nirvana Phone capable device in the works. The HTC EVO has HDMI out as does the Motorola Driod X that was just announced, plus the Nokia N8 coming in September. It will be interesting to see who can achieve and deliver the real Nirvana Phone experience first, we will be doing our part with Citrix Receiver and XenDesktop.

Get ready to leave your laptop home !