Following on from my recent blog post about one of Citrix Support troubleshooting tools CDFMarker, Colm Naish, CDFMarker developer wrote about some of the useful ways you can use the tool.

Below is a list of the different scenarios you can use CDFMarker for along with a demo video:

How To: Take a Remote CDF Trace using CDFControl

How To: Use CDFMarker to Send Customizable CDF Trace Messages

How to Send Remote CDF Messages Using CDFMarker and PsExec – Article

How to Use CDFMarker and Performance Monitor to send a CDFMarker Message to a Running CDF Trace when a Process Intermittently Spikes the CPU – Article

How to Mark a Service Termination in a CDF Trace Using CDFMarker – Article

How to Use CDFMarker and PerfMon to Identify in a CDF Trace when Large Writes are Occuring to the Local Host Cache – Article

How to Mark when a Process Crash Occurs in a CDF Trace using CDFMarker – Article

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