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If you’ve ever taken a Citrix exam, you’ve probably wondered: what happens to the comments you write while taking the exam? Most people don’t know what happens to their comments after they take an exam or how their comments are used. As an exam developer here at Citrix, I will gladly explain. I’d like to explain not only how the comments are used, but also how they are not used.

How your comments are used:

When you leave comments on beta exam questions your comments are used during post beta analysis to help determine which items from the beta should remain on the final version of the exam. During post beta analysis your comments are read by me or another exam developer and based on your comments, along with data on how the items performed, an exam developer determine which items should be on the final version of the exam. In a case where there are a wide range of comments on an item or if the item didn’t perform the way I anticipated it would, I will recommend that the item be dropped from the final version of the exam.

But it doesn’t stop there. Comments entered after the beta, that is on the production or 1Y0 version of the exam, are constantly reviewed and analyzed, and if an issue is identified, the affected item or items are either dropped, or modified with subject matter experts’ input.

Comments are also used to help exam developers answer questions about an exam. For example, if a candidate leaves a question about an item in the comments field, the exam developer can then contact the candidate to answer that question.

Comments are also reviewed on a case-by-case basis when a candidate contacts an exam developer directly or emails with concerns about their exam. The exam developer for that exam will then get the comments they left on the exam and meet with them to address any concerns or questions they may have.

So in short, the comments you provide are very important. They help make Citrix exams better. Taking a couple of minutes to provide comments can help ensure the exam is at its best. Because your feedback is valued, a reasonable amount of time is added to each exam just for commenting.

How your comments are NOT used:

Comments are NOT used to help calculate a candidate’s exam score. Comments in no way affect a candidate’s exam score, regardless of what the comment says. Candidates’ scores are based solely on their performance on the exam, not the comments they make about the exam questions or the overall exam. For more information about how an exam is scored, check out this blog.

Comments do not result in immediate modifications to an exam. Every update to an exam must go through a rigorous process, and there is also a cost associated with each revision. All Citrix exams are thoroughly reviewed before they’re released into production. Any errors found once the exam is in production are investigated and will most likely be corrected in the next release of the exam.  I say this to highlight that even though changes are made based on your comments; those changes are not made on the fly. Exam developers follow a systematic process.

So now you know just what happens to your comments after you write them. I encourage those who don’t write them to begin doing so. No matter what you have to say about an exam I developed I want to hear from you.  So the next time you take a Citrix exam, please feel free to add comments!

Now I would like to pose some questions to you. What did you think comments were used for before reading this blog? And, why do you add comments to an exam?

If you have additional questions, feel free to email me at I’d love to hear from you.