Hosting IT as a Service has been around for 20 years.  Just ask the guys from Connections for Business, a Managed Service Provider in Fort Lauderdale, who has been in business for the past 30 years.  Yeah, I said Fort Lauderdale.  You may ask, I thought the only business in South Florida is tourism?  What is a technology company doing there?  Well, they are making a business… a good business and have been around for many, many years helping the SMB get out of the IT business. 

According to Jonathan Garber, VP of Business Development for Connections, they were The Cloud before there was one.  When I tapped him for more on this statement, he merely replied that they have been providing IT as a Service to the state of Florida before the “Cloud” ever existed.  That companies across the state have been using Connections as a way to off load all of their IT needs and focus on the things that make them money.  In one particular case, Jonathan told me about a firm who was more than willing to cut a check each month for thousands of dollars to Connections because the flexibility to use an outside service provider increased his profitability by leaps and bounds.  Connections provides services to scores of companies with the same value proposition.

It was refreshing to hear from a service provider who not only knows their stuff, but has the background and customer references to show what a top notch IT as a Service company looks like. In fact, they have been so dedicated to this business, they actually developed their own Network Operations Center software front end.  It’s called Connect Smart and it worked so well for them, they decided to put some shrink wrap around it and sell it to other service providers.  Now Connections for Business runs their own IT as a Service business, sells their NOC software and is poised to be a market maker in the southeast region of the U.S.

They have the ear of a large U.S. telco as well who is looking to use them as an incubation center for SMB IT services.  You can imagine that with all of this success, Connections was elated to hear about the Citrix Service Provider program. In fact they were one of the first to sign up. Jonathon told me, “Citrix provides us with the scalable solution to deliver Enterprise level power to the SMB market and access via the widest range of end devices. We are looking forward to expansive growth as this market continues to emerge. The SMB is ready for IT as a Service and we believe that together with Citrix, we can deliver.”

Connections is one more example of a company who is seizing the opportunity to meet the demand of the SMB in the IT as a Service space.  If you’re looking for a company who can do the same for you, just check out our partner locator.  Once you’re on the landing page, just click on the “Hosting Providers” tab. You can find Connections for Business and over five hundred other CSPs worldwide to help you out.