Partners and Citrix Certified Instructors (CCIs) are now able to learn about the latest technologies with two new FREE Learning Labs for XenDesktop and XenApp. Citrix Learning Labs provide a great opportunity to explore new releases of Citrix products and integrated solutions through a video tutorial and hands-on lab exercises.

Now Available:
CLL-003-1W Customizing Virtual Desktops with Citrix XenDesktop – This Learning Lab gives students hands-on experience with how XenDesktop extends virtual desktop delivery to specific user types and addresses specific use cases. It demonstrates how XenDesktop can be configured to provide the best end-user and administrative experience using Group Policy Objects, Citrix policies, and additional features. Students learn to:

-    Edit the default settings in the XML blob
-    Use Microsoft Group Policies with custom ADM templates to distribute registry changes to modify the 
     default behavior of specific virtual desktops
-    Use Citrix Policies to create customized virtual desktops

CLL-004-1W Integrating Citrix XenApp with Microsoft App-V - This Learning Lab provides hands-on experience with configuring the necessary components to deliver App-V sequences to users. Students will learn how to:

-    Publish an App-V sequenced application for access by Windows and non-Windows client services
-    Use the Merchandising Server and Citrix Receiver to deliver the App-V Desktop Client to end-users
-    Use Citrix Dazzle to execute the App-V virtualized application

Get Started
To access Citrix Learning Labs, go to, and log in to My Citrix.

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