Welcome to Citrix Command Center – a management and monitoring solution for Citrix application networking products that include Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition, Citrix Branch Repeater, and Citrix Repeater. Use Command Center to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire global application delivery infrastructure from a single, unified console.

Command Center simplifies operations by providing administrators with enterprise-wide visibility and automating management tasks that need to be executed across multiple devices.

How does Command Center help you – NetScaler and Branch Repeater administrators and users?

  • Helps you quickly address and resolve device and network issues and keep the network running effectively by monitoring and managing the SNMP and syslog events generated on your appliances.
  • Helps you understand the traffic patterns, gather data for capacity planning, and monitor the performance of the entire application delivery infrastructure by using historical charts and performance graphs.
  • Lets you monitor and manage the states of virtual servers, services, and service groups across the NetScaler infrastructure.
  • Simplifies device management and minimizes configuration errors by using built-in and custom tasks to make configuration changes across devices, upgrade firmware, and replicate a device’s configuration to other devices in your network.
  • Lets you set up alerts for specific instances of entities and notify you when configured thresholds are breached by using the advanced entity-based thresholds feature.
    Helps you troubleshoot configuration errors or recover unsaved configuration on sudden system shutdown by running audit policies.
  • Prevents server downtime from expired SSL certificates by receiving notifications for certificate expiration dates, and then updating the certificates from your management solution.
  • Ensures constant availability of your management solution by setting up Command Center in a high availability active-standby mode.

Where does Command Center fit in the network?

How do you install Command Center?

Simple! Double click the setup.exe and follow the prompts in the wizard!

  1. Install a database on your system.
  2. Install Command Center server on a Windows or Linux system (a dedicated server is recommended).

See Installing Command Center

How do you begin using Command Center?

Very Simple.

  • Access your Command Center server from any laptop or desktop using the HTML Web client. In your Web browser address field, type https://<ComputerName>:<PortNumber>
  • The Command Center log on page appears, enter your user name and password and log on.
  • On the Citrix Network tab, add the IP addresses of your NetScaler and Branch Repeater devices that you want to manage. And, let Command Center do rest of the work – implicitly discover the devices and retrieve all the information about the devices.

See Adding Devices

How does Command Center retrieve the NetScaler and Branch Repeater information?

These appliances communicate with Command Center by sending trap notifications. The Command Center server adds its IP address to the list of trap destinations during discovery of the appliances. This allows Command Center to receive all events/traps generated on the Citrix appliance.

See Understanding the Discovery Process