Keeping track of the technical details of Citrix and Microsoft products can be confusing, but when was the last time you took stock of licensing? While organizations strive to be in legal compliance, that can be a complex task.

The most direct way to ensure compliance is to read through the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) of every product that you install and to maintain detailed records. Realistically, how many administrators routinely click “I Accept” vs. those that read through the entire EULA . . . that’s what I thought.

E = Enterprise edition
P = Platinum edition
**XenDesktop Enterprise or Platinum licensing required when XenApp infrastructure used to implement App-V to XenDesktop.

Citrix and Microsoft licensing was covered as part of the Application Delivery Options for XenApp and/or XenDesktop Techtalk that I delivered a few weeks ago because licensing is certainly one of the technical considerations when deciding exactly how applications should be made available to users. Of course, you must license the operating system from Microsoft and comply with vendor application licensing. But there’s more to it when it comes to licensing for XenApp, XenDesktop, and/or App-V functionality.

Of course, XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum licensing incorporates the respective edition of XenApp. Bottom line is that if you have XenDesktop Platinum licensing, you get all of the listed Citrix technologies.

Okay, what about Microsoft licensing? Just when you thought you understood it, there are a number of changes coming on July 1st. What you previously knew as VECD licensing doesn’t exist anymore. And there’s more . . .

The table above gives you a high-level overview of Microsoft licensing. A few notable items:
• SA or VDA licensing is required for the endpoint. The difference is whether the endpoint is a Windows-based device or a non-Windows-based device.
• Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses include App-V to XenApp servers. However, where App-V will be used on virtual or physical desktops, additional licensing is required.

For more information on Microsoft licensing, please see:

So, are you in compliance with Citrix and Microsoft licensing?