1. Definition of the scope for Virtualization of Desktop and Application   

  The scope should be virtualized from org object aspects

  The scope can be virtualized from user operation requirement and cost limitation etc

2. How Desktop/Application can be centralized

    Terminal Service/Remote Desktop Service with Xenapp

    Deploying Desktops on Server platform from one Desktop Image

3. Where The Data (User data and User profile etc) should be stored

    File Servers is needed for data and profile that enable users to experience consistent user environment

4. Client Device Environment from the point view of security requirement

     Formulating who can get the right to use which kind of devices from virtual Desktop and Application.

5. The Way of IT Management in Virtualized Desktop/Application Environment

     Authorization for users to use the Desktop/Application (Who is authorized to access which Desktop/Application)

     Monitoring in Server Side, Centralized environment is should monitored carefully in performance.

6. Which Server Virtualization Platform you can choose

    Xenserver/Hyper-V/ESX-vSphere etc you can choose

    There is limitation of conbination between Server Virtualization platform and Desktop Virtualization Platform

7. Network Bandwidth Consumption

    Estimate how much communications between DataCenter and client devices, This is very important point for user experience and network investment. Use high performance protocol for WAN.

8. License you have to get  are changed ( just partly … )

  App virtualization: Server CAL – TS CAL / RDS CAL for TS/RDS with Xenapp is needed

  Desktop virtualization: VECD is needed

9. Learning for the way of Management Virtualized Environment

  Practice makes perfect.

 I ‘ll update more detail later…