Someone once told me that the road to the Microsoft Global ISV of the Year award goes through Fort Lauderdale….this year, once again, they were correct. Citrix has won, for the fourth time, the Microsoft “Global Infrastructure Partner of the Year” award. This award recognizes the Microsoft Global ISV who is a proven technology innovator and is best aligned with Microsoft at all levels.
So why does this award matter? (Outside of the fact that my BusDev team is ecstatic on this great award win…these award applications are a lot of work and nothing beats winning!) For Citrix and our business partners, this award is recognition, by Microsoft, for a year of joint collaboration and success working together to create successful customers.

Our combined partnering effort to develop a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) go-to-market strategy around our award winning XenDesktop product and the Microsoft VDI Standard Suite and has been positively received by customers, and the pipeline continues to grow exponentially. Microsoft and Citrix combined resources over the last year to promote virtual desktops with an organized campaign including road shows, collateral, and a jointly funded proof of concept program that proved highly successful in customer infrastructures of all sizes.

In addition, Citrix has developed a deeper integration plan with the Microsoft System Center technologies. Over the past year, we have embraced MDOP (App-V) as an integral component of XenDesktop virtual application delivery. The Citrix XenApp Connector for Configuration Manager enables Microsoft® App-V virtualized applications to be delivered to any user on any device anywhere, extending the benefits of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to reach a broader set of devices including lightly managed and non-Windows® endpoints across local or wide area customer infrastructures. Our joint solution lowers the cost of delivering and maintaining Windows applications for all users in the enterprise.

In the field, investments by both companies have resulted in global teams of professionals dedicated to joint account planning and engagement that are sure to propel the relationship to the next level. Citrix and Microsoft had been successful partners in many areas throughout the world, and our recent investments are aimed at spreading that success globally to create more successful customers in every region in the world.

Citrix is proud to be the 2010 Microsoft’s Global Infrastructure Partner of the Year award winner. Thank you Microsoft and thanks to all our mutual customers throughout the world for this recognition. Our partnership is 21 years old and counting and we look forward to the years ahead, and the amazing things we will accomplish together. Over the next year we will continue to raise the bar not only for Citrix, but for all Microsoft partners…. I don’t believe anyone has ever won this award two years in a row…

Below is a link to the Microsoft Announcement for the 2010 Partner of the Year Awards Finalists and Winners