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Some translations can be pretty funny as the picture on the left shows. In many cases however, imperfect translation is better than no translation at all.

Majority of Citrix blogs are written in English. However there are some written in foreign languages now.

I typically ignore web pages written in a languages I don’t know. I am overloaded with information already.

However given that a large portion of Citrix users/colleagues speak a different language,I become curious about what they say. So I tried a few on line machine translation services such as ones from Google, Yahoo. Microsoft’s new translation service seems to work best. Here are some example translations that I found most interesting.

Tip: use the tool bar on top of the translated page to select your preferred language and layout.

History of XenApp

Citrix XenApp client installation in unattended mode

How to obtain evaluation licenses and other stuff

Will it be useful to provide a way on Citrix blog to allow easy translation to your preferred language? Make it automatic or one click translation? What do you think? Please vote below and/or comment.

More translations:


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