For users of Citrix Receiver for iPhone with a 3G or 3GS iPhone we recommend waiting for our forth coming 4.0 release which is designed to support iOS 4. This release will include RSA sync, optional client drive mapping and multi-tasking support for 3GS. I have been using the multi-tasking for weeks and can attest to the improved usability. Fortunately Citrix Receiver 4.0 can even support keeping the session alive even while making a phone call or browsing safari, then switching back with no launch or logon. If you update to iOS 4 right now however you may have issues with authentication that requires 3 inputs ( Password, RSA, Domain ). Also icon colors may be off due to a change in iOS 4. Early buyers of iPhone 4 may be impacted as well.

The enhancements in 4.0 work very well on 3GS iPhone’s however before releasing to the App Store we needed to test it with real iPhone 4 hardware. This includes testing with the new Retina display and support for the video out . As soon as the testing is complete we will be making the release available in the App Store.

For users with 2G and 3G these devices will work with release 4.0 on iOS 4, however multi-tasking will not be supported by Apple.

Stay tuned, it will be worth the wait.