Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with the support of our products. One of our initiatives is to increase the ability of our Partners and Customers to leverage self-service avenues for finding answers and resolving problems. A key area that the Support teams focus on is development of troubleshooting and health checking tools.

Following on from my recent posts about the SsOnExpert Tool, Citrix Printing Tool, Citrix Quick Launch Tool, Citrix Logoff Sessions Tool, MedEvac Tool and XDPing, another excellent tool from Citrix Support is CDFMarker.

CDFMarker is a small utility which allows you to send a customizable CDF trace statement into a running CDF trace, on demand, on either XenApp Servers or XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agents

There are three main use cases for CDFMarker:

  • There could be a delay between when you start your CDF trace and when you actually encounter the event which you are interested in. During this time, thousands of CDF trace statements could have been written to the trace. CDFMarker lets you send a CDF trace statement on demand, so you could send a message just before the event occurs, and another just after it. You can then just search for the CDFMarker CDF statements and get straight to the area of the trace you are interested in.
  • If you are running a circular CDF trace and are waiting for an event to occur, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where in the CDF trace you should be looking. If you have CDFMarker running in the System Tray, you can press the hotkey (Ctrl+M) or double click the System Tray icon to quickly send a message into the trace to mark the event.
  • You can use CDFMarker from the command line along with Performance Monitor Alerts to send a CDF trace message whenever a specific event occurs, in the same way Performance Monitor can be used with Userdump to create dumps of spiking processes (see CTX117428 – How to Use PerfMon and Userdump to Capture Intermittently Spiking Process Dumps).

You can download CDFMarker here.

Also find below a video by the CDFMarker developer/Citrix Support Escalation Engineer Colm Naish, providing an overview and demo of CDFMarker.

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