Over the past two years Citrix has aggressively been investing in optimizing the delivery of virtual applications and desktops to branch and mobile users with Branch Repeater. This is accomplished with HDX WAN Optimization, which maximizes XenApp and XenDesktop performance across a WAN by compressing, caching and prioritizing ICA traffic.

For the branch and mobile users, the benefits are obvious and tangible. XenDesktop and XenApp sessions launch faster, printing takes less time, video is experienced in HD, and file transfers are magnitudes quicker.
The bottom line – users have a LAN like experience and can get more done.

The other side of the benefits equation is the bandwidth savings you get with Branch Repeater. Network administrators and IT budget owners are especially interested in this, because Branch Repeater enables you to do more with your existing WAN circuits. You can read all about this in a collection of whitepapers, which articulate the benefits of optimizing XenDesktop, XenApp, and native apps such as Outlook and SharePoint.
But even with this data on hand, you might still be asking yourself, What does is feel like and look like to save bandwidth and support more users?

With that question in mind, I’ve created a new video to demonstrate the experience and value of optimizing ICA over the WAN. In this video, Citrix EdgeSight for Load Testing and Branch Repeater VPX are used to replicate branch office scenario with 24 employees working over a T1 WAN connection. Take a look and see what your WAN could look like with Branch Repeater.

What would you do with all the extra bandwidth?
• Deliver more virtual desktops and apps to the branch users
• Use video for more of your corporate announcement or training
• Offsite remote backups

If your interest is peaked, then now is the perfect time because you can download Branch Repeater VPX Express for free and get started accelerating your virtual desktops and applications today!