Desktop Virtualization is coming. For all the right reasons – be they Windows XP retirement, reduction of management costs, datacenter greening, or just plain neat technology. The Desktop Virtualization Bandwagon is on a roll!

Most of us are aware of the phenomenal growth in the momentum desktop virtualization. And we all know that when we move to housing all user desktops in the datacenter, we gain significant economies and controls.

And that bandwagon is also bringing us significant “opportunities” to extend to our datacenter SLA responsibilities. Since these desktops are now hosted on datacenter class servers that are SNMP instrumented, we will now be easily monitored and measured on the reliability of the desktop service as well. That’s good!

And since our virtualization platforms host a multitude of desktops and systems, a “single” issue can impact all desktops with one foul swoop. That’s bad.

But there are steps we can take to harness all of our datacenter best practices and apply them to the management of the delivery of the virtual desktop environment. That’s great!

So, to keep the smilies smiling, we must prepare ourselves for these extensions of SLA. In this light, I’ll be conducting an online seminar on Thursday, June 17th at 1:00PM EDT. During that hour long session, I will discuss the critical pieces that make up a XenDesktop virtualized environment, and the straight forward datacenter-ish steps anyone can take to bring the availability of those up to the most stringent SLA terms.

I’ll focus on the XenDesktop components. Then I’ll explain how and how and where to super-impose redundancy and intelligent load balancing within the datacenter, and across datacenters, while keeping the users close to their data.

Please join me for this 1 hour event. You can register here I Gotta Get Registered For This.

Out of this session, you’ll learn how to apply the tools you probably already know in order to establish SLA quality of delivery in the exciting mushrooming world of Desktop Virtualization.

That way you’ll be ready for the desktop virtualization bandwagon when it arrives carriying its SLA extended “opportunities”.


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