The survey results are in and the numbers continue to demonstrate high interest that both individuals and business have for using the iPad as a business tool. Aside from the surprisingly high support from IT allowing personal iPads in the workplace ( BYOC ) this survey indicates that businesses are also planning to buy iPads as well to put them to work. As with other business tools this may be relegated to job category and justification, but higher numbers than most would expect.  

Thanks to all that participated in the survey. Also congratulations to Neil from Partners Healthcare who won the iPad drawing. Feel free to share the results with your organization if you are considering iPads at work.

Note that this informal survey was completed by 558 individuals who came to the Citrix web site and had an interest in the iPad. This means they are predominantly Citrix customers who understand the capability to safely enable access to company apps and data in the data center. And do it with no or minimal support of the individual iPads. I suspect that business and IT support for the iPad at non Citrix customers would be significantly lower due to security concerns, end point management and lack of access to business applications.