Check out this latest video (also on CitrixTV) of some of the comparison testing we’ve been doing internally.

Now I’m sure there are those that will cry foul – aren’t there always? – but many people haven’t had a chance to set up their own tests or see the two side by side quite like this, running multiple users simutaneously. It takes quite a bit of setup, time and patience to be able to run these tests in a controlled manner using scripts, with an Apposite box in play, etc., so that’s quite understandable.

So have a look and let me know what you think. We’ve got literally hours and hours of screen captures! We pulled out the most interesting parts that showed the best contrast behind the behavior of multiple users running on constrained bandwidth.

Now to be fair, I’ve seen screen captures of View playing video that looked a little better – but in all honesty, we simply couldn’t figure out how to improve it after trying many tips. So it is what it is!

In a future blog, we’ll publish the entire environment for those that want to try to replicate the tests, but as the video mentions, we used identical server and network environments, and generated the scripted workload for 5 sessions using Login VSI as usual. We used the “moderate” workload that is part of their freeware version. To highlight certain aspects of the user experience that are hard to see with the scripts, we did a sixth simultaneous interactive session manually for some of the screen captures. In the future, we plan to have even that scripted as well so everything about the workload is as identical as possible – so stay tuned as we continue to refine our methodologies.