I can deliver apps to the depth and breadth and height that Citrix lets me reach.

Okay, so I’ve taken some literary liberties with Shakespeare.

Let’s say that you need to provide a CAD application to engineering power users. The vendor only licenses and supports the app based on a single-user workstation. It may or may not even work in a multi-user environment. You have XenApp Platinum licensing. Based on the choices shown here, what is the best way to deliver the app?

Looking at it purely from a technical standpoint, you might pick VM Hosted Apps as the best option. By segregating the CAD application onto blade PCs equipped with dual CPUs, abundant RAM, and a powerful graphics card, each user would have the computing resources necessary to run the application. And you’d be in compliance with the vendor licensing and support.

Let’s now add a customer quotation system to the mix that integrates with the CAD application so that the engineers can paste the engineering diagram into the sales quote. If the quotation system is hosted on XenApp and the CAD app is enabled via VM Hosted Apps, the user will now have two ICA sessions open because two distinct resources are accessed. Cut and paste will work just fine, so life is good until you realize that you have a network-based roaming profile with all folders redirected and an app that chats with the AppData folder a lot.

By the way, are you in compliance with Microsoft licensing, including the new requirements that go into effect on July 1st? Your company has just upgraded all of your XenApp licenses to XenDesktop and the latest version of the CAD app has changed significantly. What is the best technical option now? It may or may not be VM Hosted Apps.

We’ll be discussing the technical options for delivering apps to users as part of the Choosing the Best Application Delivery Option(s) for XenApp and/or XenDesktop TechTalk to be held on June 16th. This will be a technical deep dive into the options as related to where’s the best place to install/isolate an app, as well as how to present apps to the user.

Citrix has provided our customers with tremendous flexibility so that you can make the best decision as to how to deliver apps to users. True, all the options may be confusing at times. It would have been easier to pigeonhole our customers into one or two options, but let’s face it: one size doesn’t fit all.

Thus, there are many ways that you can deliver apps to users via Citrix XenApp and/or XenDesktop. The best option depends on your requirements. I know, it’s confusing. Join me for the TechTalk for some solid answers.