This Article will describe you how to Run the HDX Monitor Tool

The HDX Monitor is a tool to validate the operation of XenDesktop’s HDX stack including the latest HDX MediaStream for Flash and HDX RealTime features. Install this tool on your virtual desktop to obtain helpful technical details about your HDX experience. The tool is organized into sections that cover the various HDX technologies. Use it to view bandwidth usage, session settings and performance metrics.

Download the HDX Monitor tool from the Link below

Install the Tool on your Virtual Machine which is Launched from the XenDesktop.

Once the Installation is complete Run the HDX Monitor Tool on the Virtual Machine Lauched from the XenDesktop.

This tool can also help you diagnose HDX issues. It detects when multimedia redirection is in use and if your endpoint device supports it. And it can tell you what audio codec you are using and its bitrate.

If you are Verifying your Device as HDX Ready, Please click on the Generate Report and Save the Report and send the .HTML file to for our Review.