I am pleased to announce the availability of our latest and greatest branch and WAN optimization solution – Branch Repeater 5.7 portfolio. Branch Repeater 5.7 comes at a time when Windows 7 adoption is growing rapidly, branch infrastructures are being upgraded to Windows 2008 R2, and the world is increasingly moving to the web and cloud – from commerce to collaboration to multi-media entertainment to enterprise and industry apps. A world where security, mobility and user experience are paramount!

In order to enable customers embrace and thrive on these trends, we focused on a couple of major themes for this release:

Enhanced security and Acceleration of SSL traffic: This release enables organizations to deliver a high-definition HDX experience, while increasing security, to their mobile and branch office users by optimizing and accelerating both SSL-encrypted and non-SSL encrypted desktop, application and web traffic.

  • SSL/HTTPS Acceleration for SSL-encrypted (ICA) XenDesktop and XenApp traffic, and secure web apps (eg: Microsoft SharePoint over HTTPS). Note SSL acceleration is available for both branch office users (appliance-to-appliance traffic) and mobile users (software client/plugin to appliance traffic).
  • Secure data in motion by providing organizations an option to encrypt all (non-SSL) TCP traffic that is accelerated by Branch Repeater across WAN. Note Branch Repeater does not secure TCP traffic that is not accelerated by Branch Repeater and hence is not an SSL VPN; please refer to product manuals for more details.
  • Secure data at rest by enabling organizations to encrypt sensitive data stored in compression histories on hard disks with strong AES 256-bit encryption. This release also offers customers the option to encrypt non-SSL data stored on the disk. Many customers have told us about their experiences with limited physical security in remote branch offices; for such situations disk encryption becomes critical for compliance with various security mandates and government regulations.

Broader and deeper innovations and optimizations for Microsoft environments:

  • Branch Repeater with Windows Server 2008 R2 broadens the choice of Microsoft operating systems customers have when optimizing branch office infrastructure with consolidated Windows+WAN optimization appliances. This further enables customers who want to accelerate their server-less branch initiatives.
  • Repeater Plug-in (software client) for 64-bit Windows 7 helps accelerate virtual desktops and applications, and web applications – SSL or non-SSL, to a broader segment of mobile users.

For more information or to download the software, please visit:
Repeater Software Release 5.7 for datacenters

Branch Repeater Software Release 5.7 for branch offices

Branch Repeater with Windows Server 2008 R2

Repeater Plug-in 5.7 (Software Client) for mobile users

Sai Allavarpu 

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