If you have already seen the benefits of virtualization in the datacenter for servers and recently on the desktops, why stop there? How about extending those benefits to the network services as well, and deliver simplicity, lower costs, efficiencies, and flexibility on the network too? And bring those benefits to the branch offices too? Oh, lets not forget network virtualization in the cloud!

Well, until recently the traditional approach has been to virtualize servers in the datacenters, but only consider physical hardware appliances for networking services. You are able to spin up a new virtualized server in a matter of minutes, or hours in the worst case. But it still takes days, or even weeks, to provision a new router or IP subnet.

With branch offices spread across the globe, organizations face challenges with shipping, support, power and other logistics that accompany hardware appliances in branch offices.

Coming on the heels of our VPX announcement, Citrix and Vyatta bring virtualization to the networking services by creating  vNetworkStack - industry’s first end-to-end L2-L7 virtualized networking services and application delivery stack.

The vNetworkstack solution transforms router,load balancer, network firewall, application acceleration, WAN optimization, SSL VPN, and intrusion prevention, into software that can run on virtualized servers that can now be integrated on the same physical resource machine or logically provisioned on demand to provide an end-to-end L2- L7 software networking stack. Citrix Access Gateway, Citrix Branch Repeater and Citrix NetScaler, all deliver VPX virtual appliances for vNetworkStack.

To find out more about virtualizing branch office infrastructure, please visit virtual enterprise branch.

To find out more about virtualizing enterprise data center network infrastructure, please visit virtual datacenter.

What do you think about virtualization in the branch offices and for networking services? How soon will you be focusing on virtualizing networks and branches, besides servers, desktops and datacenters?