“I think so!”

Did you ever watch that episode of “Pinky and the Brain” where they made a life-size duplicate of the earth out of paper-mâché? Well, for some reason after Synergy my mind got stuck on that episode. I am not sure if it was Sinbad’s show or just random thoughts on virtualization.

Synergy finished about two weeks ago and we are all back in our daily grinds, reflecting as the opportunity presents itself on how virtualization can make our lives easier. I personally am reflecting on how soon I can take advantage of XenClient to unclutter my Windows 7 desktop. After facilitating five XenClient hands-on training labs, (fairly popular since we were giving away a XenClient-capable laptop in every session), I now feel confident that an install of XenClient will improve my computing experience.

Of course, once Pinky and the Brain had finished constructing the paper-mâché earth they had to convince the entire population to leave. Their answer to the problem – offer free t-shirts. I cannot offer free t-shirts, but I am presenting two complimentary live webinars on XenDesktop and Hyper-V that can help you with your virtualization planning:

Hyper-V Planning for XenDesktop
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
In this webinar I will present the key things to consider when planning to deploy XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V platform. For instance, you will learn how to correctly size your storage tier and what design considerations are important for moving from a pilot to a production farm.

Citrix, Microsoft, HP: Best Practices for Scaling Virtual Desktops
Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
In this webinar I will discuss the ideal Hyper-V/XenDesktop reference architecture and share some of the things I learned while building a 3500-desktop deployment of Windows 7. I will also present the key results from the scalability testing that were presented at Synergy.

If you missed the Synergy sessions and cannot make the webinars, I will be presenting the XenDesktop/Hyper-V/Windows 7 scalability test results at HP’s Tech Forum in Las Vegas. The content will be 100% technical and include a more detailed analysis of the findings from the HP Solution Center. I have a GREAT time slot – Tuesday June 22nd at 5:00p, right before dinner. Come check out Session 2100!!!!

We may not be living on a paper-mâché planet, but we are living in a virtual world. Virtualization is everywhere and it will only become more pervasive as we find better and faster ways to virtualize the environment around us.