The Norway Citrix User Group has an excellent agenda planned for their two-day user group meeting this Wednesday and Thursday (May 26-27) in Oslo. As part of this meeting, they will be running a Geek Speak Local event on Wednesday at 4:30pm that will focus on the topic of Desktop Virtualization. The agenda details are included below.

If you’re based in Norway or visiting the area this week, I hope that you’re planning to attend!


Lillestrøm kultursenter
Kirkegata 11
2000 Lillestrøm
Oslo, Norway
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The comprehensive two-day event schedule is as follows.

Note: There are four different session categories: Technology sessions, IT Operations sessions, Solution Oriented sessions, and Gold Sponsor sessions.

Wednesday, May 26

9:00am - Welcome by the User Group Leaders

9:15am - Harry Labana, CTO, Citrix: News from Citrix Synergy Day 1 Keynote

10:30am sessions
Technology: Benny Tritsch & Jeroen van de Kamp, CTOs, Login Consultants – user profiles and workspace setting in the cloud
IT Operations: Rune Grumheden – What’s new in XenApp 6?
Solution Oriented: Steve Allen, Appsense – Introducing the Virtualized User Infrastructure
Gold Sponsor: Kristin Montag, thinprint – Why is Print Management so heavy and cost-intensive, and how do I reduce it?

11:30am sessions
Technology: Alexander Ervik Johnsen Arrow ECS and – XenClient under the hood
IT Operations: Benny Tritsch, CTO, Login Consultants –  Fast or Furious: Dynamic access to self-installed and self-assigned applications
Solution Oriented: Jorgen Jansson, Sr. Technical Engineer, SafeNet – Safe work surface – User authentication with everything from SMS on the Smartphone to Smart Card
Gold Sponsor: Karin Lokke, Atea – Atea and Microsoft Unified Communication Partner 2008 and 2009

12:30pm - LUNCH

2:00pm sessions
Technology: Daniel Wedel – Help! I may be migrating to XenApp 6 soon
IT Operations: Rene Vester – Supporting Macs and iPhones in your corporate environment
Solution Oriented: Bob Janssen, Product Manager, RES Software – Simplified migration to new working area – Win 7 or virtual

3:00pm - Panel session with Harry Labana, Jeroen van de Kamp, Bernhard Tritsch, Rene Vester, RES, and AppSense

4:00pm - SNACKS

4:30pm - Geek Speak Local Event! A Focus on Desktop Virtualization:

- Topic 1: Over the past 10 years, desktop, application delivery and management technologies have seen many monumental innovations that have enabled large leaps forward in sophistication and effectiveness. From your perspective – what innovation was the most important? Why?

- Topic 2: There are some HOT new innovations and bleeding-edge technologies on and coming to the table that promise to dramatically change how desktops and applications are delivered and managed. From your perspective, which one(s) will have the greatest impact? What/why/how?

- Topic 3:

  • Is Europe smarter than  the US ? There is a claim that 40% of Citrix customers  uses User Profile Management tools in Europe. Why is there such a difference?
  • What is personalization, do people really need it or is hype. How much do you need. Pros and Cons of approaches!
  • Layers. What does that mean for the profile guys. Who wins?

7:00pm - Show & Dinner

Thursday, May 27

9:00am sessions
Technology: Benny Tritsch, CTO, Login Consultants – Virtual Desktops Provided by Microsoft – Competitive Edge or Just Good Enough?
IT Operations: Alexander Ervik Johnsen Arrow ECS and – XenClient: will the introduction of the client hypervisor open the door for VDI?
Solution Oriented: Steve Allen, AppSense – Making the move to a centralized desktop model
Gold Sponsor: Havard Bruvold, Steria – New mobile devices, new opportunities

10:30am sessions
Technology: Jeroen van de Kamp, CTO, Login Consultants – Scaling XenApp on XenServer vs. XenApp on Physical
IT Operations: Trond Eirik Havarstein Case Study – Introduction of Citrix XenServer and Provisioning Services
Solution Oriented: Bob Janssen, RES – One management tool for the entire solution
Gold Sponsor: Morten Bergh, Citrix – Citrix with Microsoft

11:30am sessions
Technology: Jeroen van de Kamp, CTO, Login Consultants – Scaling XenApp on XenServer vs. XenApp on Physical
IT Operations: Ole Kristian Lona, Atea – Provisioning Services and PXE demystified
Solution Oriented: Jorgen Jansson, Sr. Technical Engineer SafeNet – a step-by-step guide to securing your Citrix environment
Gold Sponsor: David Hald, SMS Passcode – the new generation two factor authentication via SMS to protect Citrix and other login systems

12:30pm - LUNCH

2:00pm sessions
Technology: Christian Fenneberg – Improve your infrastructure environment in a measured way
IT Operations: Logica – How are the largest Citrix environments in Norway run?
Solution Oriented: Bob de Kousemaker – User virtualization in the Cloud
Gold Sponsor: Arrow ECS – How to get the most out of your new desktop virtualization

3:00pm - Harry Labana, CTO, Citrix: Future technologies and directions

4:00pm - Closing by Norway User Group Leaders

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Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.