Are you delivering the best multimedia experience for your users? Have you ever wondered if all of those great HDX technologies in XenDesktop 4 are configured properly? There’s an easy way to validate your HDX configuration on XenDesktop 4. It’s called the HDX Monitor.

The HDX Monitor is the perfect tool to use when you’re configuring your desktop images and want to make sure that you haven’t overlooked any important optimizations to the user experience. It runs on the virtual desktop and checks on all sorts of settings and environmental parameters. Try it out under various network conditions.

Below, for example, is a screen from the HDX Monitor providing valuable information related to HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection. Here the HDX Monitor has determined that the Flash virtual channel is incorrectly configured at Real-Time (i.e. Very High) priority, no doubt because it has not been properly entered into the XML blob (see CTX124982).

You can download and learn more about the HDX Monitor at Let us know what you think!

Derek Thorslund
Citrix Product Strategist, HDX