Would a set of test-proven recommendations for how to deploy XenDesktop/XenServer on a completely integrated enterprise-class infrastructure be of interest to you?

Among the exciting news at Citrix Synergy 2010 you may not have noticed that our friends at HP released a NEW XenDesktop Reference Architecture! This test-validated architecture describes an enterprise capable configuration for supporting 1,000 Microsoft® Office users on XenDesktop and XenServer with HP BL460c server blades and the HP P4000 iSCSI SAN and associated networking, switching and client solutions. There a great (short and snappy) overview of the Reference Architecture in this CitrixTV interview with HP’s Laura Frombach. Check it out!

The guidelines in this new HP reference architecture paper illustrate a fully integrated XenDesktop configuration with an extra special bonus! HP provides performance and scalability characterization data as well as guidelines for configuring the entire environment to help ensure predicable sizing and scaling. Cool!

Anyone who has ever worked with HP knows that they take development of reference configurations like this VERY seriously. HP stands behind these publications, and as Laura mentions in the video, HP has done the heavy lifting, you get the benefits!

Make sure to download and spend some quality time with this paper-it will be time well spent! Oh, by the way. Stay tuned for more test-proven XenDesktop architectures from HP coming soon!