For XenApp farms in EC2

In a previous post, I talked about how to build a XenApp Farm in Amazon EC2. I was reminded through a comment on the post, that a XenApp Farm usually is deployed with certain degrees of security separation between the servers. Having left that out of the Deployment Guide, I decided to create an additional deployment guide that shows how to setup Security Groups in Amazon EC2, and place the XenApp Servers in the appropriate partitions.

This guide will walk you through creating two security groups in Amazon EC2, configure them to allow certain ports through (just like a firewall) and launch the XenApp Servers into those security groups. This has the effect of creating a DMZ for Security Group 1 where the XenApp Web Interface server resides, and a Private Network Security Group 2 where the remaining XenApp Servers reside.

Deployment Guide

Amazon EC2 Security Groups for XenApp

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