Here is a collection of the various articles, whitepapers, and guides relating to acquiring, installing, configuring and using the Repeater Plug-in. I received several questions from customers and partners regarding the Repeater Plug-in while at Citrix Synergy 2010; where to get it, how does it work, what can and cannot do, how to make it work with the Access Gateway, etc. So I thought a list of everything Repeater Plug-in would be helpful.

Download the repeater Plug-in v5.52 along with all documentation.

How to Install the Citrix Repeater Plug-in

Branch Repeater Licensing Guide

What are the repeater plug-in deployment modes?

Using the Repeater Plug-in with the Access Gateway Plug-in

How to set Repeater Plug-in network trace levels

Repeater Plug-in Compatibility Issues with Symantec Endpoint