We are in the midst of a sea change in market acceptance of XenServer.  There are two reasons behind this:   the growing market share of XenServer and its acceptance as a high quality alternative to VMW and the fact that partners trust Citrix.
In the past 18 months XenServer market share has grown from 4% to 11%. Customers recognize that free XenServer is far superior to the free version of ESX. Many companies now run their production server virtualization infrastructure on free XenServer. As our share has grown, reseller partners have become more adept at positioning and selling XenServer,  and ISVs are realizing they need to build XenServer compatible versions of their products to meet the needs of the market.
Two years ago it wasn’t common forISVs to build XenServer connectors to their products.  Now, they realize if they don’t, they will lose business.  And they are banging down our doors to get into the Citrix Ready program.  Examples can be seen in many areas of virtualization management.  Take VM backup.  Two years ago there were no backup vendors with XenServer versions.  Walk the Citrix Synergyfloor this year and you will see many – PHD Virtual, mySoftIT and Quorumsoft  and others demoing products which they will release later in the year.
Why do ISV partners trust Citrix? We are a partner driven company – partnering is in our DNA.  Our main competitor can’t say the same thing.  We partner because we believe the market grows as our ecosystem of partners grow. The market doesn’t grow because we publish a new roadmap indicating where we are developing our product. The ecosystem grows as partners fill in features and functionality our joint customers ask for.
Expect to see continued growth in XenServer share and the ecosystem of partners growing around XenServer. Why?  XenServer will become the defacto platform for cloud computing – and we will need more partners to grow this opportunity – partners who can fill in services and functionality we can’t build on our own.