Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, Centralis, Ltd. completed an overnight update to their company website to provide their customers with all of the latest product information about Citrix products through Citrix Syndication.  Robert Greenslade, Sales Director of Centralis, visited the Partner Innovation Center at Summit and showed off the new look. Greenslade commented, “It just makes it so much easier to keep our content up to date.” 
Citrix Syndication is a free service that dynamically updates partner websites with current Citrix product information and resources that generate leads. Citrix Syndication gives viewers timely and accurate information about Citrix products and promotions while giving partners an easy, seamless way to maintain their website.  

Robert Greenslade, Sales Director, Centralis
See Content Syndication in action.  Have a look at the new Centralis site.

Citrix Syndication is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Dutch with additional languages to come.  Find out more in the Marketing Tools section of My Citrix.