Hi I’m Rick Echevarria, aka RickE, and I am responsible for Intel’s platforms for Business. I am very excited to be here at Synergy 2010 learning sharing insights community on customer needs and trends like Desktop Virtualization.

I hope all of you can join me for my session at the Moscone Center on Thursday at 3pm, but in the meantime, here is a taste of the great innovations we are delivering this week with Citrix.

Intel and Citrix have been working together on innovative technologies like Xen for many years. About 18 months ago, we started a discussion on the ideal balance between a great user experience and IT control in the area of client computing. We quickly realized that together we could deliver a continuum of desktop virtualization methods and that XenClient on Intel vPro processors could deliver the “no-compromise” solution to address our shared customers’ unique needs. Since then, our engineering teams have enthusiastically collaborated to make that vision a reality, with XenClient Express available today for download.

Intel vPro platforms are the best choice for traditional managed clients. And now with Citrix breakthroughs like XenClient and HDX , all designed to capitalize on vPro processors’ capabilities, we have enhanced the virtualization benefits of decoupling and isolation with unprecedented system responsiveness and energy efficiency.

In addition, we have actively engaged with top systems management solutions, such as Microsoft System Center, to manage physical and virtual entities seamlessly and accelerate compelling software upgrades like Windows 7 or Office system migrations.

We are excited to share the news on how Citrix and Intel are delivering intelligent performance, cost-saving manageability and smart-security.

XenClient and vPro offer extraordinary levels of protection for IT-managed images, while permitting the user flexibility that is the hallmark of “real” personal computing; and that means “no-compromises” … on user experience, mobility, and productivity.

The unique out-of-band management and enhanced break-fix capabilities of Intel vPro processors, supported by Microsoft System Center, allow for a dialog between the admin console and Citrix XenClient that facilitates a new level of control and flexibility for IT.

It’s for these reasons that the solutions delivered by Intel and Citrix with vPro and XenClient set the bar for a “no compromise” future for desktop virtualization.

Thanks again and hope to see and chat with you this week, RickE

p.s. To learn more about these solutions, I encourage you to visit the Intel Business PC tools website, www.intelbusinessPCtools.com, which is designed for you to quickly access the latest information on Intel-based processors to help you address business needs and make more sales. Moreover, please do attend the upcoming joint webinar from Citrix and Intel to learn more about our end to end Virtualization solutions offerings on Tues, May 25, 2010 8-9:30 AM PDT, https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/163468554. – RJE