Cloud countdown – day C minus 1

While the skies were rainy yesterday here in San Francisco, and clear today, the forecast for the rest of the week is cloudy. I’m not talking about the weather, though… instead, I mean that attendees at Citrix Synergy will be hearing from the experts on cloud computing, not only within Citrix but from our technology partners, and especially from cloud providers themselves.

Breakout sessions include:

Wednesday, May 12:
02:30 PM: SYN203 – How to build an enterprise-class cloud (with speakers from Cloudsoft and Solarflare)
03:30 PM: SYN201 – On-demand infrastructure as a service (with SoftLayer’s CTO)
04:30 PM: SYN205 – The enterprise journey from virtualization to cloud computing (from Cisco)

Thursday, May 13:
11:30 AM: SYN213 – Exploiting cloud-based services for Federal and Public Sector IT (presented by Carpathia Hosting)
02:00 PM: SYN207 – Heterogeneous virtual infrastructures – practical solutions for managing multi-hypervisor environments (featuring CTP and Burton Group analyst Chris Wolf)
04:00 PM: SYN312 – XenApp and XenDesktop in the cloud? Yes you can! (featuring Citrix’s own Chris Fleck)

Friday, May 14:
09:00 AM: SYN224 – Gazing into the Citrix CTO crystal ball – a look at Citrix next generation technologies (with insights about the cloud as well as the datacenter and desktop from Citrix CTOs)
10:00 AM: SYN211 – The great debate – public or private clouds? (with Carpathia and SoftLayer facing off)
11:00 AM: SYN212 – Making cloud computing enterprise ready – real-world solutions (with great info from Terremark)
01:00 PM: SYN209 – Moving beyond hype and into the cloud (featuring insights from Exostar, Cox Communications, and rackAID, as well as our own Simon Crosby)
01:00 PM: SYN214 – The Evolution of Virtualization to Cloud: A perspective from Arista Networks, Intel and SAP

Plus there are sessions on products such as XenServer and NetScaler – showing you what’s new and how these Citrix products power the cloud today and in the future.

And that’s not all – attendees can take advantage of deep-dive learning labs about the cloud.

Mark Templeton’s keynote on Thursday at 8:30 will let attendees in on the next step in the evolution of the cloud. Not in SF? Watch it at

The Synergy future’s cloudy – yet bright. Don’t miss a minute of it!