Greetings Synergy and Summit Attendees!

Are you:

  • Tired of dark, stuffy conference rooms where you can hear a pin drop?

  • Interested in desktop virtualization, client hypervisors & cloud computing?

  • Looking for uncut, unfiltered, and unprecedented discussion and debate?

Do you:

  • Want to speak your technically focused mind, and all you need is a stage?

  • Enjoy mixing it up with master discussionists of the IT universe?

  • Write you name in binary code for fun & watch “The Matrix” for the 5th+ time, just because it’s on?

If so… look no further! The four-day geektastic extravaganza that is Geek Speak Live! at Synergy 2010 is about to begin. Hold on to your hats and glasses ’cause this here’s the wildest ride in IT…

Starting this Tuesday, May 11, we’ll be keeping it real with three classic & ever-popular Geek Speak formats:

  • Geek Speak Tonight: The fan favorite that we ran at Synergy 09 returns, where a combination of Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) and CTOs lead discussions and debates on pre-determined topics, and the audience takes center stage and joins the conversation! This event will kick off Synergy on Tuesday, May 11 at 4:30 – 6:45 p.m., giving you a chance to begin the conference with a breath of fresh, unfiltered air. Refreshments will be served. Get there early to claim your seat!

  • Geek Speak Track: Not your typical formal breakouts! These sessions are complete with open, unfiltered discussion on a variety of technical topics led by CTPs, Citrix CTOs, and other respected industry thought leaders. Held May 12-14 alongside the formal breakout sessions.

  • Geek Speakeasy: Geek Speak Live! comes to the Solutions Expo Hall with a relaxed lounge format for conversational sessions, and a lab format for “bring your own laptop” sessions with industry leaders and technical experts from the community. So grab a snack and head over to the Geek Speakeasy for an action-packed set of sessions from May 11-13!

Who’s leading these most excellent sessions? The star-studded speaker list is made up of highly respected thought leaders & technical experts, including CTOs, CEOs, analysts, architects, and consultants who are gearing up for another exciting and memorable round of game-changing technical discussions!

Speakers include:

Adam Jaques, Alex Ervik Johnsen, Alex Juschin, Bill deForeest, Brandon Shell, Brian Madden, Brad Pedersen, Chris Fleck, Chris Wolf, Dan Feller, Gabe Knuth, Harry Labana, Ian Pratt, Jason Conger, Jeroen van de Kamp, Joe Shonk, Kurt Roemer, Martin Duursma, Martin Ingram, Matthew Jünk, Michael Harries, Michael Keen, Nico Lüdemann, René Vester, Rick Dehlinger, Ruben Spruijt, Sai Allavarpu, Shawn Bass, Simon Bramfitt, Simon Crosby, Steve Greenberg, Thorsten Rood, and the Citrix Cloud and Mobility Technologists

Important Note: You can access the full Geek Speak Live! session list by visiting the Synergy Breakout Sessions site and selecting “Geek Speak Live!”. You have the option to add these sessions to your Synergy agenda.

Global User Group Forum

Are you a Citrix User Group member or interested in becoming one? Join us at the newest addition to the Geek Speakeasy, the Global Citrix User Group Forum in the Solutions Expo Hall. Meet with your peers, share technical best practices, and join a user group or get the tools you need to start a user group in your area. Stop by the Geek Speakeasy during Expo Hall hours to pick up the User Group Forum schedule!

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So be there and be square! Geek Speak Live! 2010 is gonna knock your argyle socks off.

Laura Whalen
Geek Speak P.M.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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