Do you want to hear about what’s coming next from Citrix Labs? Here’s your chance, with a good chunk of the Citrix Labs leadership at Synergy.

We will be talking in the Geek Speak track and the CTO Futures session. Come along to hear about the future of Citrix, the future of the industry and share your ideas for the key technologies for the next five years.

Key sessions:

  1. Geekspeak Tonight (Tuesday evening from 4:30-6:45) – with ‘refreshments’
    We’re in both:
    1. CTPs and CTOs on the future of desktops
      Tuesday 4:30 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
      The desktop is primed for unprecedented change in the near future. Join a high-powered discussion and debate among CTPs and CTOs on exactly how that future will unfold.
      (Martin Duursma, Rick Dehlinger, Harry Labana, Brad Pedersen, Shawn Bass, Brian Madden, Alex Ervik Johnsen)
    2. Cloud computing: what makes it successful and what’s on the roadmap?
      Tuesday 5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
      Cloud computing is the term du jour in our industry. Where is the real activity happening? How will the cloud unfold over the next few years? How will the cloud affect you? Where are the opportunities for Citrix customers and partners? Join us for a discussion on cloud computing’s hot areas and risks, and what’s coming next.
      (Michael Harries, Simon Crosby, Chris Fleck, Steve Greenberg, Chris Wolf, Rene Vester)
  2. Geek Speakeasy
    1. The future of IT; it’s all coming up roses (What’s next on the horizon?)
      Wednesday 1:50-2:35 (on the expo floor)
      Join Citrix Labs for a discussion on the future of IT. Dr Michael Harries (Senior Director Strategy), Bill DeForeest (Labs Site Director) and Adam Jaques (Senior Manager) will present their views on how enterprise technology will shift over the coming decade. Key elements include cloud and mobility. We also welcome your contributions.
  3. CTO futures session – DON’T MISS THIS
    1. SYN224 – Gazing into the Citrix CTO crystal ball – a look at Citrix next generation technologies
      Friday 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m
      Join this session for a glimpse into the “Citrix crystal ball.” Citrix CTOs will share a behind-the-scenes view of where Citrix infrastructure technologies are headed. Prepare to be astounded at new solutions for both the enterprise, cloud and mobility, and be entertained by super-cool live demos of new features. Examples include NetScaler VPX benefits to today’s servers, how XenServer delivers top performance for virtual desktops, how Citrix will scale XenDesktop to the 100,000 desktop mark and new mobility solutions.
      (Martin Duursma, Simon Crosby, Harry Labana, Kurt Roemer, Adam Jaques)

We hope to see you there.