Have you re-IPed your XenServer pool? The xenconsole will show no network information if it is not able to communicate to the pool master. If you go to the command line and type “ifconfig” or “ifconfig | more” you will indeed see an IP address configured on the bridge file of the control VM, AKA “dom 0”. More than likely, it is using the old IP address. To work around this, we need to 3 things. First is to bring down the interface with the wrong IP. From the previous “ifconfig” command, you will see the bridge file, such as “xenbr0”. For a bond, it may be “xapi1”.

ifdown xenbr0

Running “ifconfig” again, will show the interface is not available. Next, we need to bring up the interface with the correct IP address and proper netmask. In my command, I am leaving out the gateway, as this is generally not needed at this point. However, feel free to do an internet search on the “ifconfig” command for additional options.

ifconfig xenbr0 <IP_Address> netmask <Netmask>


ifconfig xenbr0 netmask

Once that is done, we should cycle the xapi service which is at the heart of XenServer. This will alert the pool master and then the slave will pop up in the XenCenter.

service xapi restart

Once the slave XenServer shows up in the XenCenter, please right-click the host and select management interfaces and correct the IP configuration. Be sure to observe the progress bar to validate the change has taken place. At this point, it would be advised to reboot the server to ensure that the change is good to go.