If you’re an established Citrix customer then you may be slightly bemused by some of the recent changes in the components deployed onto the end users machines. If you’d like to understand what a Receiver is, what shape a Dazzle might be or what a Merchandising Server serves, then Synergy session SYN318 (Dazzle and Receiver vs ICA clients – what’s the difference, why it matters, and how to make the move) should be useful for you.

I’ll be joined by Rich Hayton (aka Dr Dazzle) to take you through the roles and relationships between the client pieces. Discover what components you need on the client platforms and how to deploy them.

Rich & I are both from the UK, where we’ve been experiencing the run up to national elections in the last few weeks. This election has been unique in featuring televised debates between the party leaders (in previous elections they’ve not been able to demarcate the stage sufficiently to keep the candidates more than a sword length apart). Though we’ll be sharing the platform, we’ll attempt to avoid hype and provide useful information instead of soundbites.