Last week I posed the question, What do the San Francisco 49rs and FlexCast have in common and talked about the new 49rs stadium being built in Santa Clara. Building a new stadium is going to be a huge project that involves countless different companies and types of workers. To get the job done, the IT departments that support this project are going to need the agility and flexibility to deliver the right type of desktops and applications to their users. Enter the FlexCast team…

Think of Citrix FlexCast as a football teams starting offensive and defensive lineup. Each of these players knows their position in and out and can get the job done better than anyone else. FlexCast let you be the coach and send the right type of desktop onto the field come game day.

But what do you do about mobile users? What about those branch office user working over a slow WAN connection? How do you make sure these users get the same secure and high definition desktop experience as the LAN users?

Football coaches face similar challenges. What do they do when its 4th and inches? What do they do when they are down by 7 with 30 seconds left? It’s time to call in the special teams. These are the guys that can make the difference between winning and losing. Guess what? FlexCast has its own set of special teams you can call onto the field.

The FlexCast Special Teams include Access Gateway and Branch Repeater, and they form a key part of a completed virtual desktop solution. Next week at Synergy in San Francisco I invite everyone to come learn more about the FlexCast Special Teams during SYN346: Optimize FlexCast performance and security – just add Branch Repeater and Access Gateway. During this session well take a details look at where and how Access Gateway and Branch Repeater can be used to extend FlexCast to your branch and mobile users. When you put them all together you get a winning solution that looks like this:

  • FlexCast gets you into the virtual desktop playoffs
  • Special teams WIN the virtual desktop Super Bowl
  • Users get the 50 yard line seats
  • IT is the MVP!