DSGateway for Citrix is a strong authentication platform developed by Delfigo Security. It uses multiple identity factors, including Keystroke and machine ID, to evaluate each user and transparently provide the appropriate level of system access.

How does it work?

1. Netscaler VPX Initiates Authentication
NetScaler VPX/CAG is configured for second factor authentication with RADIUS as the mechanism and the DSGateway – RADIUS as the server.

LDAP receives initial request for First Factor Authentication. Once LDAP authentication is successful, NetScaler VPX sends a RADIUS request to the RADIUS server

3. Radius / DSGateway
The RADIUS request is passed on to DSGateway. DSGateway makes a request to LDAP to get the user’s last password change date, validate no change in password. DSGateway examines pattern string against user’s reference patterns and returns the Accept / Reject status from the RADIUS to Netscaler VPX

Why It Matters for Citrix Customers
There are no client downloads or tokens required, and no required change in user behavior. Companies with a committed investment to Citrix secure remote access can enhance their existing environments with multifactor authentication without a substantial up front investment.