Ask the Architects

Have you ever had a problem that the documentation or forums “came close, but did not hit the nail?” Many of us have. Implementing in a clean lab is a far cry from implementing in the “real world.” Most of the time documents address half of the problem on one area, but not really THE problem. “Ask The Architects” is the de-facto website and blog series that addresses questions from the “real world” and help make your implementation work for you.

We have all areas covered to spread information, answer questions, and demystify common (and not so common) hurdles.

The best thing about this group and the information they have, is that it is all in one place. The Citrix “Ask The Architect” page in the Citrix Community

Regular contributors are:

Florian Becker – Director Healthcare IT
Daniel Feller – Lead Architect for the Next-Gen Desktop
Paul Wilson – Architect for XenDesktop on Microsoft
Jo Harder – Sr. Architect XenApp / XenDesktop Together
Stefan Drege – Architect Application Networking
Ed York – Architect Workflow Automation
Tarkan Kocoglu – Sr Architect Cloud
Jason Maynard – Branch Office Optimization

Bookmark it, browse , and learn from the best!

Meet the Architects at Synergy 2010 in San Francisco

Coming to Synergy 2010 in San Francisco? Meet us at the Services Happy Hour on Wednesday Night at the San Francisco Marriott – Club Room – at 5:30 PM PDT. That’s right – all the Architects featured here will be there to answer your questions. Email to pre-register via eMail