Can third parties add HDX-like capabilities to XenApp and XenDesktop? Yes, with Citrix SDKs!

XenApp and XenDesktop provide HDX capabilities by virtualizing the core aspects of desktops and applications (e.g. audio, video, graphics, client drive mapping and printing). Third parties can also provide high definition user experiences for special scenarios or devices, thanks to the Citrix Virtual Channel Software Development Kit (SDK). The Virtual Channel SDK is available from the Citrix Developer Network. Citrix has offered this SDK to customers for years to support Windows devices. Today, we have not only broadened its use by making the SDK compatible for Linux and Mac OS X devices, but also added new capabilities that have led to some exciting recent developments from the ISV community, such as Wednesday’s product announcement from Avistar.

In support of the recent XenApp 6 and XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 1 releases, we updated the Windows version of the Virtual Channel SDK to add the following:

  • Support for 64 static virtual channels (compared to 32 in prior versions)
  • Dynamic Virtual Channel Protocol to be able to go even beyond the 64 available static channels
  • A new one-call API which replaces 4 API calls to allow high-throughput mode (we also updated our samples to use this function)
  • Enhanced documentation for the Windows Monitoring API, which allows ISVs to build solutions that synchronize the visual aspects of an application running on XenApp or XenDesktop with corresponding visual elements that are running on Citrix Receiver.

Avistar C3 Integrator – Citrix Edition is a great example of a third-party value-add technology that leverages the Citrix Virtual Channel SDK. Avistar provides a highly scalable solution for delivering Microsoft Office Communicator voice and video chat.  With advanced client-side media processing, it offloads the XenDesktop server and supports remote access over challenging network connections.  

You can find additional information about the Virtual Channel SDK on the download page and in the SDK documentation.

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