Those of you who are following the Citrix Blogs are probably feeling all the buzz and vibe around the upcoming Summit and Synergy event in San Francisco in May.
Just to add one exciting item to the list:
We’re going to have a Citrix Services Happy Hour on Wednesday, May 12 from 5:30PM to 7:30PM at the San Francisco Marriott – Club Room. The hotel is located at 55th Fourth Street in San Francisco. Why would you care? Well, in addition to the appetizers, beverages, and an opportunity to mingle with fellow Virtualization and Networking enthusiasts, we have the entire set of Architects from the Ask the Architect program present.
So, if you’re at Synergy, swing on by for a meet and greet. If you’re not sure about attending the conference, this should be one more reason to make a trip to the Bay Area. Space will be limited, so we’d appreciate it if you could let us know via email to this address if you’re planning to joing us.
Hope to see you there…
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