If you haven’t had the chance to attend the recent TechTalk on Five Reasons to Upgrade your Secure Gateway to Access Gateway VPX then you should check out the recording here.

Well I’m giving you just one reason to attend my session at Synergy - SYN412D Replacing Secure Gateway with Access Gateway VPX.

I will be delivering this session along with Florin Lazurca, Architect in our Technical Readiness team.

So what’s that reason?

Hands-On Experience

In our session you will learn what’s new in Access Gateway VPX, types of deployment modes you can use with Access Gateway VPX and plenty of hands on labs.

The labs will walk you through how to

  • Configure Networking for Access Gateway VPX
  • Configuring certificates and licensing
  • Authentication, Authorization and Single Sign On
  • Setting up Web Interface with Access Gateway

Hope to see you there.

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