Football and virtual desktops… Special teams and application delivery…

You are probably thinking these have nothing to do with each other, but have you heard about the plans to move the 49rs down to Santa Clara and build a new stadium? That’s right, move the San Francisco 49rs to Santa Clara. Will they be the Santa Clara 49rs???

Fan loyalty, budgets, and politics aside, what would it take to build the new 49rs stadium?

• How many design, construction, planning, sales, teams would be involved?
• How would all these firms share and access their data?
• Most importantly, would ONE type of desktop be right for everyone on the project?

The answer is definitely no. Architects and designers will need to run AutoCAD. Sales and marketing will be on the road pitching the new stadium. Billing and procurement will be busy with invoices. The list goes on.

In two weeks at Synergy, we are going to dive into this topic during SYN346: Optimize FlexCast performance and security – just add Branch Repeater and Access Gateway. Using the new 49rs stadium as a case study, we’ll explore how a design firm uses FlexCast to deliver the right type of desktop to the team members working on the stadium.

We’ll see how the FlexCast delivery model is like a football teams starting lineup. Every player has their job and place on the field, just like each of the FlexCast models. The starting line-ups do a great job of getting some points on the board, but who does the coach call in when it’s time to win the game? Special Teams. Next week I will be back to introduce the FlexCast special teams – Access Gateway and Branch Repeater so stay tuned.

I hope to see you at Synergy on Wednesday, May 12th at 3:30 so you can hear the whole story.

Oh, did I mention we are giving away some fun football prizes? Study up on FlexCast before the session for your chance to catch a prize.