Say goodbye to MFCOM say hello to Powershell XenApp CMDLETS!, but what about my scripts?

With the release of XenApp 6, the SDK model is officially moving towards the powershell model. The old MFCOM scripting model model has been sunsetted in leiu of the XenApp Powershell CmdLets.

So that means that we have to update all those existing scripts over to powershell scripts using the new XenApp CmdLets. . Thats going be alot of re-write, especially for companies that have a substantial investment in the MFCOM world. Sometimes, the hardest part of updating technologies is learning the new technology, its new interfaces, how to get the same data out of it as the previous technology, etc. This is going to be the same with the XenApp powershell commands. There is not a one to one corrilation to items in the MFCOM sdk, unfortunatly. For a good article on why we did this and more detailed info check out Tom Kludy’s article Introduction to the XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK

So, armed with this information, I have created the first version of a utility that will allow you to search your existing MFCOM bases scripts to find well know MFCOM items and try to provide you with an alternative Powershell CmdLet to execute. Let’s go through it a bit.

Download Information

If you would like to download this application, you can download a zip containing the exe and all supporting file here.Download MFCOM Script Searcher

Application Info:

Just a few overview items first, then we can get into the app functionality.

Here is the main application screen. As you can see, there is an area to enter your search criteria, as well as a place to inform you of the search results. There is also a place where you can see the powershell syntax for the correlating XenApp CmdLet.

There are a few setting options as well.
The first one is the ability to check for an update for a pattern file. This allows for quick updates/additions to the search patterns. You will be informed that there is a new pattern file available and asked if you would like to download it.

The next one is if you would like to send feedback. Please send feedback, especially for patterns. I would like to include as many patterns as possible so the tool will become more usefull to everyone.

So thats it for the settings stuff, now onto the main features of the utility.

To initiate a search, you will want to provide the location to have searched. After that select the type of scripts you would like searched and if you would like the utility to search any subfolders under the specified start path. Like the following.

After selecting the Search Files button, the application will inspect the filespec you have specified and return any patterns that have been found in the files.

From here, you can navigate the list of found patterns on the left hand side. when you select an item, you will see the relevant XenApp CmdLet in the “Powershell Command to Execute” list as well the specific powershell command information like syntax, examples, etc in the powershell window below.

Selected Item Example #1

Selected Item Example #2

Selected Item Example #3

So as always, let me know what you think. Is this tool useful? Would you like to see more items like this? Ping me on twitter @johnmcbride or email me at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com.