What is the relation between evaluating a VDI solution and a new car test ride? Actually, there is none. But wouldn’t it be nice if an evaluation would be as simple and comfortable as test riding a new car? Yes, it should.

Usually, evaluating a new technology takes times and can easily become a full blown project, which is nowadays a challenge – from a resource and more importantly time perspective. This means until you have something representable to show your management and provide the first experience of the new technology, I am sure days will pass, which may be a huge impact on acceptance such as “The environment is still not running?”. Once you have it up and running, you first need to evaluate the success criteria, similar to your success criteria for finding the right car. To mention a few, these could be:

  • Interesting features
  • Driving experience
  • Usability
  • Reliability

During my Citrix Synergy breakout session SYN322 “Get the answers before the pilot – what you need to know before you start your VDI pilot”, I will provide insights how you can evaluate XenDesktop within hours, just like a new car test ride.

Looking forward to see you at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco.

Senior Architect, Worldwide Technical Readiness
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