This morning I stood in line with hundreds of other people to register for my badge at Interop. The line was really long and barely moving and when I finally got to the registration kiosk I found out why…

After answering four short questions about where I am staying a PROCESSING message promptly appeared. 10 seconds later the message and progress bar were still there. A minute later – same thing. Finally after about five minutes it completed and printed out my badge. Everyone around me couldn’t believe how long it was taking.

The funny part is, while I was waiting I looked down at the screen and noticed these registration kiosks were sponsored by Riverbed – “the IT performance company”. The key word there being performance – or in this case, the lack thereof. A number of other people around me noticed this as well and we all had a good laugh about it. Not a very good use of marketing dollars if you ask me.


If you are at the show this week and want to see application acceleration (actually working), drop by our booth and check out the Branch Repeater demo. That is, if you ever make it through the registration line.