Until now organizations that needed very high throughput were forced to undertake costly network segmentation with added networking gear and IT administration expenses. Ensuring proper stateful flows was a royal pain. The new ultra high-end NetScaler MPX 17500, 19500, and 21500 appliances overcome these issues and are critical to cloud computing with shared services, service providers and large enterprises with their high capacity datacenter needs. In each case, these segments are turning more and more to Web-based applications using complex Web 2.0, other rich Internet applications (RIA) and service oriented architectures (SOA) and XML. The resulting latency and application availability limits and security concerns from transactions that traverse the globe also affect the practicality of public and private cloud computing.

NetScaler MPX appliances reside in the virtual datacenters near the Web servers and accelerate the response times of Web servers by up to five times to overcome latency via caching, compression and WAN protocol and server side TCP optimizations. Application availability is ensured through numerous intelligent traffic management methods from basic load balancing to Layer 7 content switching, surge queue protection, rate controls and global server load balancing including spillover for real-time balancing of traffic between public and private clouds. Security is provided with a high speed web application firewall which inspects the contents of both requests and responses including XML traffic, and through SSL encryption and a SSL VPN.

By combining all this functionality in just one 50Gbps MPX 21500 appliance, deployment is radically simplified, and power, cooling and rack space expense reduced. Server farm size can be significantly reduced with the resulting offload of numerous computationally intensive functions including SSL, TCP, and Web 2.0. Overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be reduced by over 60 percent vs. discrete point product solutions. With high availability pair installations, utilizing NetScaler supported VRRP, ECMP and connection mirroring among other methods, single points of failure concerns are eliminated.