For those wondering what AppHubWhiteList is, check Joseph Nord’s blog at Admins will need to setup HKLM\Software\Citrix\Rade (same key for both 32 and 64 bit machines) Value “AppHubWhiteList” Data “NASName or HTTP Address” to let only approved profiles to start Isolated Services. So how do admins setup this key, looks pretty simple isn’t it?

It is simple if all the machines are on a Domain, as admin can push this registry entry using Active Directory. but what about machines that are not on Domain? For machines that are not in domain there are 2 solutions:

1. Installer taking Transforms or parameter (not part of Plug-in) while installing and setting up this registry entry, but there is a problem with this, if admin wants to change the AppHub location or change the NAS name for some reason, this solution will not work. Users will need to install the Offline plug-in whenever AppHub location is changed or its FQDN is changed or one more NAS is added.

2. Another solution is to write a separate script or Exe which will setup the AppHubWhiteList and deliver it to non-domain machines using Citrix Receiver (machines on domain can use AD), this is cleaner solution, as the AppHub location or FQDN changes will not affect users and there is no need to re-installing the plug-in when AppHub Location is changed. Admin is the right person to decide how to deliver the AppHubWhiteList registry on to non-domain machines, based on their needs.