Want a quick way to configure many iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices that run Citrix Receiver? There is a way to do it without having to write pages upon pages of documentation for end users, or even worse personally configuring the devices for them. We have created the Citrix Mobile Receiver Setup URL Generator just for this purpose. The best part is, it takes a few seconds and can be reused over and over again (remember? Write once leverage infinitely?).

The steps to making an admins life exponentially easier are:

1.) Go to the Citrix Mobile Receiver Setup URL Generator
2.) Save it to your bookmarks .
3.) Enter in an Account Description.
4.) Enter the Server Farm address.
5.) Enter in the domain of your farm.
6.) If you are using an Access Gateway, check the box to show your options.
a. Choose the type of Access Gateway in your company.
b. Choose the authentication type for the Access Gateway.
7.) Click the “Generate URL” button.
8.) Under “Your Result” a link is given with all of the info you populated in the form. You can email it, copy it and paste it, etc. 

The great thing is, the user is responsible for the username and password for the account (user information is not in URL ) so it is secure enough to email!

The user will then get the email on the device, tap the link, and Citrix Receiver will open and ask the user to save the profile.

So there you have it, an easy and secure way to configure 1000’s of devices with just an email.

Remember to let the user know they have to fill in the users name and such before saving the profile on the device.