Many of you have asked why Receiver no longer enables users to launch applications by right-clicking the online plug-in icon in the bottom right corner of the screen then clicking on the application in a list. This was a purposeful transition. Citrix Receiver was designed to conform to and leverage the native OS as much as possible. For Windows, this means using the Start Menu for launching applications and XenDesktops. For Mac this means using of the Application Folder and Dock for launching applications.

As background, Microsoft no longer recommends the use of notification area menus for applications access while strongly encouraging the use of the Start menu. In fact with the introduction of Windows 7, the notification area icons and menus get hidden and are tricky to use for anything other than notifications.

Use of the Start menu for application launch is enabled with and without Dazzle. Dazzle lets users choose which applications they want to use regularly in a self-service model. All apps users add are run from the Start menu. Without Dazzle, you configure the specific applications you want available to each user.

Users will need to transition to using the Start menu instead of the notification area menu. It is generally a easy transition to make where applicatons are organized intuitively in the Start menu.

To make applications as easy to locate as possible in the Start menu, you can use the process defined in Publishing Resources under XenApp Administration on Citrix eDocs to organize applications into groupings meaningful to your users. Applications can be directly in the start menu or categorized into suitably labeled folders.

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