The Have Nots – It’s just a big iTouch.
The Haves – It’s not only a great size for viewing and portability. It changes what you do for reading, work and internet access.

The Have Nots – I don’t need it.
The Haves – I don’t “need” it either, but I am more productive with it.

The Have Nots – I already have a NetBook for better portability.
The Haves – So do I … collecting dust…

The Have Nots – I need a real keyboard.
The Have’s – The virtual keyboard works better than expected … and the keyboard dock or Bluetooth work great.

The Have Nots – You can’t get any real work done on that.
The Haves – I use it for work in more and more situations, and so do others

The Have Nots – I need Windows apps, a mouse, and Flash would be nice.
The Haves – There’s an App for that !

The Have Nots – It doesn’t do Multi-tasking
The Haves – That would be nice, but there are other methods

The Have Nots – I am waiting for Version 2 with a camera and whatever other cool things get added.
The Haves – I will probably get that also…

The Have Nots – Your just an Apple Fanboy …
The Haves – Not really, I hope the Slate and Android Tablets are as good as the iPad… we will see. The iPad light wieght, battery life and touch interface have set a high expectation and validated a new device segment that is here to stay.

Any more Have vs Have Not opinions out there ?